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Services Provided

Standard Services (* Premium Service)

Prepare meeting notices to directors
Attend regular board meetings (optional)
Prepare board meeting agenda
Plan and prepare for annual business meeting
Arrange facilities for annual business meeting
Prepare and mail co-owner annual business meeting notice
Distribute annual meeting minutes
Maintain and update co-owner roster
Maintain rental/lessee list
Orient new residents with welcome package
Work with association attorney
Respond to co-owner questions
Maintain current association records and files
Present co-owner violations to board
Prepare co-owner violation notification
Maintain 24-hour live emergency answering service
Process emergency work orders
Process routine work orders
Storage of maintenance records and reports (2 years)
* Prepare board meeting minutes (per contract)
* Record and type annual meeting minutes (per contract)
* Publish association newsletter (per contract)
* Distribute association newsletter (postage & supplies extra)
* Prepare rules/regulations co-owner handbook (per contract

Administer requests for modification
Prepare status letters/certificate of resale
Create annual operational plan
Obtain, evaluate and execute contracts
Enforce maintenance/service contracts
Monitor performance of contractors
Review maintenance of building each spring
Review driving surfaces, tennis courts, swimming pools
Review grounds and irrigation system
Present reports of building/grounds to board
Storage of maintenance records and reports (two years)
* Facilitate emergency access to co-owner premise if requested
* Provide direction to association maintenance personnel

Process and administer insurance claims (routine matters)
Handle workers compensation report and audit
Prepare annual operating budget
Establish long-range reserve plan
Solicit proposals for reserve studies
Create annual operational plan
Review reserve investment policy
Review insurance coverage
Review bond coverage
Solicit bids for insurance coverage
Obtain payment coupon books for co-owners (at-cost)
Follow-up on delinquent payments
Assist legal counsel with collections
Maintain separate checking account in association name
Deposit all in association account
Pay authorized bills
Provide check register (disbursement journal)
Provide copies of paid invoices when requested
Prepare monthly income and expense statement
Prepare cumulative income and expense statement
Prepare cumulative-to-actual budget statement
Prepare current balance sheet when requested
Arrange for preparation of tax return Coordinate CPA review/audit
Monitor financial investment
Transfer fund to/from reserve when authorized
Establish bid specs for annual services
Develop maintenance contracts
* Charge for postage and copies
* Charge for office supplies
* Collect additional/special assessments (per contract)


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